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By wpadmin
October 14, 2016
Kevin Rolston

LASIK performed by Pannu Laser & Vision Institute

“I cannot believe how fast that procedure was… That was so simple. You could do the same thing. If your eyes are bothering you, you’re tired of the contacts, you could call Pannu too..”
“get the freedom so you can romp around the kids. I am happy.

“I went to Pannu Laser & Vision almost two years ago, and it has changed my life! It has definitely changed my vision. It was one of the easiest procedures I’ve ever done! It was done in just a matter of moments… I felt confident after talking to the great doctor at Pannu Laser Vision. State of the art equipment is what they have. You go in there, the offices are clean and they look like a day spa, and you KNOW you are in good hands.”

I was tired of squinting…

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