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Having Trouble Driving? Why Lasik May Be the Solution to Your Problems | Pannu Laser & Vision Institute

Having Trouble Driving? Why Lasik May Be the Solution to Your Problems

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Having Trouble Driving? Why Lasik May Be the Solution to Your Problems

By Srini Mutyala
November 25, 2019

You do not want to have trouble on the road because your driving isn’t as good as it used to be. One reason people struggle when driving is because of vision problems. Though glasses and contacts can improve the situation to a certain extent, Lasik could be the best option for permanent help.

It Isn’t “Just Fine”

Just because it is normal for your vision to suffer as you age does not mean it is not a big deal. Even slight decreases in your ability to see will increase the odds of an accident. This means increased danger for you, your passengers, and anyone else who is on the road near you. If you notice yourself straining to read signs, having trouble with depth perception, or experiencing blurry vision while driving, you need to ask your eye doctor about ways to correct these problems. He or she will likely talk to you about Lasik since it is a great option for most people with vision problems.

Glasses May Not Be Enough

Glasses and contacts are options for you if you suffer from vision problems. However, Glasses and contacts can cause eye strain, especially if your glasses are dirty. Eye strain is dangerous for drivers. Safe driving means not being tired or feeling that your eyes are weighed down by the effort to focus.  Since Lasik actually corrects your vision, you should not need contacts or glasses.

Less Distracted Driving

Glasses often get smudges on them that impair your vision. This is hard to fix while you are driving, but it is also not safe to drive wearing glasses that have a compromised lens. Contacts can fold in your eye or cause irritation while you are driving. This causes you to close your eye or have to rub it while you are trying to navigate through traffic. Neither option is safe. You may assume distracted driving simply refers to people using cell phones while in the car. However, you can be distracted by a variety of things while in your vehicle. Glasses and contacts can distract you while also impairing your vision. Lasik should not do this. When you’ve been released to drive after Lasik surgery, you’ll be able to focus fully on the road without worrying about your vision. A pair of sunglasses will still protect your eyes from dangerous sun damage, but those can simply be tossed to the side if they have a smudge or become a problem. You’ll be able to drive after Lasik with confidence that you won’t have to split your focus.

Driving is something many people have to do every day, but it should be done safely. If your vision is failing, you should find a solution before you keep driving. Lasik surgery has been around for decades, and it is a great choice for anyone who wants to keep driving but has concerns about failing vision.

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